What to Expect

How The Bridge Does Church

The Bridge is a family friendly church where you can connect and belong. It is a place that you can be authentic. We believe in simply JESUS–plus nothing, minus nothing (Eph 2:8-9). We are a community of Christ followers & God seekers.  Regardless of where you are on the journey of life, we would love to walk the path with you @ The Bridge.  Sunday morning services begin at 9:30am & 11am.


At the Bridge, our services revolve around 3 key principles


1. Contemporary Music

We believe that music is a language that everyone understands. It has the ability to cut to the core of who you are with a few powerful notes paired with dynamic lyrics. The songs that are most touching the broadest spectrum of generations and, most importantly, our future generations, are written in a contemporary style; therefore, to us, it is imperative that we grow our church through the livelihood and energy that this type of music brings.


2. Honest Messages

We also believe that in order for you to become the type of Christian that God desires you to become, it is non-negotiable that we speak truth into your life, not just fluff surrounded by rainbows and butterflies. You must know what God wants for and in your life; and as a result, we bring the word to the congregation in a way that is powerful and directly applicable to your life.


3. Casual Atmosphere

We, finally, believe that you should come as you are to worship our LORD. Jesus said those very words and we whole-heartedly believe them to be true. To us, it is much more important for you to be in the house of God than how you are dressed in the house of God.  Whether you are wearing blue jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or 3 piece suits and ties, we make no judgment. We just ask one thing. Come.


Kids Ministry


While you participate in one of our Sunday morning services, we provide safe, engaging ministry for all of  your children.


Check out our exciting kids ministry!

During both our 9:30am & 11am service, we provide loving, nurturing, exciting and safe care to newborns up to 2 1/2 years. Your children are held, sang to and played with. WHAT TO BRING: We just ask that you bring diapers, wipes, bottle if needed and a change of clothes.
We provide a loving, nurturing, exciting and safe environment for 2 1/2 – 5 year olds. These students are toddlers who have not yet started elementary school. We begin teaching the students Bible stories in a way that they can relate to. We keep in mind the whole child as we teach: spiritually, mentally, socially, academically & physically. WHAT TO BRING: Please change of clothes if needed.
Bridge Kids
We provide a loving, nurturing, exciting and safe environment for K-5th graders. These students are elementary age students. This ministry is designed to engage the students through worship, Bible storytelling through drama, media and interaction between leader and student in a small group setting. WHAT TO BRING: Bible and friends! Read More
Crossover Youth
We provide a loving, nurturing, exciting and safe environment for 6th-12th grades. The Bible is taught in a way the students can relate the teachings to their daily lives. The leaders and students build relationships and trust. The students are challenged to serve & love others, to become Christian leaders that can reach others for Christ. Youth group is a place the students can feel welcome, to be themselves and to have the support of other fellow believers in Christ. WHAT TO BRING: Bible and friends! Read More